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I'm currently fully booked for the next 12 months or so, but people are still always having themselves added to the waiting list. I'm constantly inundated with requests, and can only do maybe 4 per month on a first come first served basis... so spaces are always REALLY limited.


Get your name on the waiting list early!!



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When I paint a typical 1/6 scale head for someone I spend a full week painting it, and I treat them all the same as the large scale oil painting portraits on canvas that I used to do... so it's lots of layers and lots of detail. I don't let anything leave my studio until I'm COMPLETELY happy with it, and because every piece is fully hand painted (no airbrushes allowed!) each piece is truly unique. No two are exactly the same.

CURRENT WAIT LIST - approx 12 months

I pride myself on my work and my goal is always to make each piece better than the last. I have no intention of being a factory production line and churning out heads as fast as I can. If that's what you want, you'll be better off going somewhere else.


When I'm painting your prized collectible, I'll be taking my time with it. It's all about painting layers and layers of subtle details and variations in the colours that you can't even see with the naked eye, but which create a sense of realism on the piece.. and more importantly... BRING IT TO LIFE.


That's what everything I do is aiming towards. Bringing your collectibles to life and stopping them just being pieces of plastic or resin. You're getting a museum piece in return, not just a quick repaint.


My prices for 2018 are as follows: (in GBP - British Pounds)


Painting Service per 1/6 scale head - £400

Painting Service per 1/4 scale head - £500


(other sizes/projects quoted on request)


Secure shipping - £12 or £15 (1/6 scale) depending on location. (cheaper or more expensive postage is available, with varying levels of tracking and insurance. Quotes and choices will be given at the time)

2013-07-02 17.43.36

If you have any requests which are different somehow, and not just a standard head repaint then shoot me a message letting me know what you're after. It's possible I'll be able to help you out. (I've done full statue paint jobs and smaller 7 inch figures before)


I don't take on all requests though, so there are no promises. But I'll always try to help you in any way I can!


After we've spoken and I've agreed to do a commission for you, I'll put your name down on the waiting list. At this point it's guaranteed that I'll upgrade your collectible for you! It may take a while for me to get to you (depending on how long the waiting list is when we talk) ...but I WILL get to you!




No payment is needed at this stage, and you simply wait while I work away at my waiting list and get commissions sent out to their expecting homes. When I'm closer to being able to start your own work I'll send you a message and let you know.


At this stage you can pay whenever you're ready. If you need a little time to get your funds together then I can wait, no problem.


I will only start work though once I have received payment.

Once you've paid and your commission is on my desk it'll just be a week or two before it's complete, and you can start to get excited about having an upgraded version of whatever you sent me!! I love getting messages from people who have received commissions from me, the happiness in their reactions is priceless! Most tell me that those new works are now the centerpieces of their collections. I even have some people who are in the process of sending me everything they own to be upgraded!


You can read some of their reactions on the testimonials page HERE, or look through some of my previous commissions in the gallery HERE.

Do you fancy having me upgrade something in your collection?

Use the contact form HERE to send me a message, and lets see if I can help you!!!