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Enamel Pins - PPSC

£6.00 (Sold out)

Specially designed by myself for the Facebook group 'Positive People of Secret Cinema' ❤️

Are you a fan of the wonderfully immersive worlds of Secret Cinema? (of course you are!)
Are you in the friendly and excitable 'Positive People...' group on Facebook? (you should be!)

Then you'll enjoy these 'PPSC' enamel pins, designed to fit in with the strange and fabulous outfits that you'll wear over the coming years! Maybe another PPSC member will recognise you and say hello while you're off on some amazing adventure!!

We're all connected now! Part of the PPSC family! 👍

These are available in Blue or Red if you prefer to be bright, bold and standout, Rose Gold if you prefer the subtle, elegant yet slightly 'bling' approach, or Glitter Black if you prefer to be dark, mysterious and stylish.

Or why not buy all!! A pin for every outfit!!

Pins are 3.5mm tall, with a brooch pin and come on a specially printed 'Positive People' backing card.

Oh, and every person I see wearing one of these gets a fist bump 👊🏻


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