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Personalised Santa video message

£10.00 (Sold out)

EDIT: SOLD OUT. Thank you so much to everybody!  

Ho Ho Ho!

Worried about your little ones not being able to see Father Christmas this year? Fear not, Santa would love to send them a very special video message. Recorded just for them!

Santa will talk directly to your children in the message, and call them by name. He'll also know details that only Santa could know such as how old they are, where they live, and even things such as their favourite food, something they're good at, or simply enjoy doing.

If you have several children Santa would love to speak to all of them! Nobody should be left out.

A download link will be provided so the video can be kept forever. Children (and adults) are free to watch as many times as they like this way.

Santa is of course especially busy at this time of year but he should be able to spare 5 or 6 minutes to talk to your little ones.  And of course, Santa is happy to talk children of all ages!! Everybody is important to Father Christmas!

*once your message is booked, send an email to [email protected] with the following details

Children's name/s
Children's age/s
Where they live (city, town, or simply country will do)
Any detail about them... a favourite food, something they like doing, something they're good at etc

Santa would love to make them feel special by knowing all about them!!

Video download links will be sent to the email address you use.

Merry Christmas!!


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