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" are not afraid to mention your 'disability' and in fact it has redirected your life into creativity and to being an artisan. You have left me a bit inspired."

"Baby Groot arrived, all snug and secure in his box. He's perfect. Thank you so much. If you were a place on TripAdvisor, I'd give you 5 stars!"



I got to work today, and I had a tiny little box waiting in my mailbox!!!! I was so eager to open the package, I can't even begin to explain. I cracked the tape, and checked out the heads, and my jaw hit the floor.... The likeness is so uncanny.


I have  two nice display cases for these figures, to keep them dust-free and nicely presented!


Thanks again Darren!"

"Hey Darren,


Indy's here, and boy, what an amazing, amazing paintjob you did on him. It's like a little Harry Ford is now standing on my desk.


Thank you so very much!"

"Just wanted to say how happy I was with my Spock and McCoy figures that I got - the faces are stunning and so true to life! Can't wait for Kirk!"

"I just wanted to say thank you, thank you, thank you, and can I say thank you one more time. I finally had the opportunity to see your videos.


All I can say is oh my god... I've learned a lot just by watching them.


Your Facebook friend and admirer

[name withheld]"

"...Well I have just opened Frodo up and I totally love him!!! Stunning work Darren :D really great stuff as always :)"

"Darren, I received the Rambo head!!! It's amazing!!! You are an artist!!!!! I wanted to let you know!!!

"Is there any way I could commission your services as your work blows my fucking mind!"

"Truly breathtaking work Darren. I literally been these past 15 minutes just going over and over the photos. Mind we well and truly blown at your talent.


Once again, as was the case with Theoden and Bilbo, I cannot even begin to attempt to compliment your work. I have ran out and fear that my words cannot do justice to your talent. I hope that the utter awe of a gripped silence can somehow illustrate just how you have managed to shut down my mind with your amazing work.


The work of a great master indeed."

"What can I say?


I sent you a zombified version of Obi-Wan (that was hidden in my shelves, almost ashamed for it to be seen with my other figures), and what you returned is a masterpiece with not only an incredible paint level but that also manages that elusive thing that is to truly capture the sould of the character.


The wisdom look in his eyes is -at least in my humble opinion- the greatest achievement of your work in this piece."



I have received the heads!!


They are amazing!!

Incredible work on the De Niros!!

I can't wait to see your work on the other heads!!!


"Hi Darren - Having taken a lot of time over the weekend to study the statue, I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for making this the centrepiece of my collection.


I was expecting a good job regardless of anything but close up and personal your work has transcended that into the figure it was supposed to be - a sentment echoed, I notice, by its original sculptor no less!!!


...I can honestly say its worth the wait and would recommend that same patience to anyone.


I can't wait to show it off and publicly declare what a genius you are, but then most know that already...!"

"...I believe you're one of the few artists that can bring 'life' to the sculpt."

"I just wanted to say without being soppy that you are a real inspiration, to put everything on the line and make this your full time venture and it has payed off massively and you have brought joy to countless people!"

"Hello Darren


Incredible the amount of detail, and just what I asked (I meant it). Thank you very much. I'll send you a picture when the figure is complete.


Would you like to do another one?"

"Hey! Guess what was delivered xmas eve? They are awesome!


I opened them xmas day and it was THE perfect  xmas present to open haha.. thanks brother! Means a lot to me that you squeezed me in your busy schedule to slave away at these :)


...Aragorn is badass, and I'm dying for Routh to fit in. A nice group shot of my Carnall collection will be sweet! Have a happy new year!"

"What I've seen you produce is... well if it were music and not sculpting, I think you'd be one of The Beatles... please don't let that do to your head."







I need to catch some air"

"That truly looks impressive! Another amazing piece of work, talk about one heck of an upgrade!


So happy to have another piece of your work added to the collection. taxes and death, being amazed by your work is another of life's few certainties :) "