Frequently Asked Questions. I’ll add more as time goes on.


How long does it take you to paint a commission?

When I’m up to date on my commissions I’d say it usually takes me anywhere between one and two weeks. At the moment I’m catching up on my backlog so I’m doing many things together, therefore things take a bit longer.

Usually though if it’s a standard 1/6 scale head paint then it will take me about a week, and if it’s a 1/4 scale or Premium Format sized head then it will take me up to two weeks. I’ve painted many larger statues and I can take up to a month on those. But for most head paints? It’s about a week.

Is there a waiting list?

There are always more people asking for commissions than I can get through at any given time, and the speed at which I can get through them depends on the complexity of the commissions I’m working on. 

The short answer is yes, it just depends how long. Right now it’s about twelve months, although I’m working to bring that down.

(if you go to the commissions page there will be a notice at the top of the page with the current waiting list length)

When do I pay you?

Payment is made when I’m about to start your commission. Basically when it gets put on my desk.


If you’ve been waiting a while then I’ll send you a message giving you a little warning that I’m close to being able to put your piece on my desk. Once I’m ready to go we can sort the payment out and I’ll get on with your very own commission. If you’re not quite ready to pay then don’t worry, I can work around your finances. I’ll simply get on with another commission to give you a little more time.

How do I pay you?

All payments for my services are done through PayPal. This is a secure payment system that lets people pay using their credit or debit cards, without the need to sign up for an account.

What if I don't like the work?

Thankfully this has never happened!


There have been a handful of times when I’ve been asked if I could make a finished commission slightly different somehow. Maybe adding extra weathering to clothing on a statue or more splattered blood on a face. In most cases I’ll do my best to work with you.

What materials do you use?

All my figure painting is done with acrylic paints, using a variety of tiny brushes. At this stage I don’t use an airbrush for anything, although with the amount of larger statues I’m getting lately I’m considering it for laying down base tones. 

Where did you learn to paint?

I’m self taught. I was always quite good at drawing when I was very young and in school, and I just picked it back up in a slightly different form as an adult. I’ve been painting figures for fifteen years now, and I’m still finding new ways to make my work even better.

What is your process?

If you’ve commissioned me to repaint a figure or statue that’s maybe a popular movie character, then I’ll go online and gather as many different reference photos as I can. All different angles, with as many close ups as possible. 

I’ll also watch whatever show or film your figure is in, so I can get a real feel for the character when they’re talking etc. 

I’ll probably take some screen shots myself at key moments during the film. Then when I’m painting I’ll have dozens of these photos up on both my computer screens in front of me while I paint. I’ll use these to get the details right, and also the ‘feel’ of the character. It’s far more important to me that the portrait FEELS like the person we know off the screen. This is usually the hardest part in a repaint, and the thing I focus most of my attention on.

Can you sign my figure, statue base etc?

Of course! 


I always include a signed card or Certificate of Authenticity anyway with all of my commissions, but I’ve been asked quite a few times to sign the underneath of a statue base, or perhaps the packaging of an action figure that I’ve painted. I’m more than happy to do this. Just ask!